Maria Bilgera Gomez

My name is Maria but I prefer to be called by my nickname Aya. I have been with Theradynamics since 2013 and I am currently a Director of Rehabilitation for Theradynamics. The best thing about being a DOR, especially with Theradynamics, is that it opens you up to new challenges and new opportunities every single day. You never really can tell what each day would bring, so it keeps you on your toes. But when those toes get tired, you can rest assured that someone will be there to assist and support you — from your regional director to the non-clinical staff, even the COO and the CEO, are all just a phone call away. With Theradynamics, you never feel you are alone. While I do love my job, I equally enjoy quality time with my husband. We love going out for long walks and runs during the weekends, which we reward ourselves with hearty meals we prepare ourselves. We also like to travel and to immerse ourselves in different cultures. That is another thing I am grateful for — having found the elusive work-life balance, which I truly believe would not be possible with any other company. 😊